Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Work - "Heralds"

I was intrigued and inspired by William Kentridge's exhibit at SF MOMA by the interplay of spaces and planes. I started a work with vertical and horizontal plans intersecting each other, with the vertical one rather wavering like curtain. Yet, the simple approach seemed to simplistic to me in the end. I tried to incorporate another intriguing element of Kentridges, by bringing in a outlined shadowing bird (as in his stage design for Die Zauberflöte). But it didn't quite work. Finally, one day, I had a vision of a large shadowy horse galloping in front of my vertical plane. Quickly, I was able to introduce a horse and a raven into the work and it was finished at one last thrust.

The horse and raven also vaguely reflect the messengers in the Norse mythology. Therefore, I named the painting "Heralds".

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