Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Van Gogh Museum - Van Gogh's Letters

A vastly interesting exhibition in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam made me wish that I were there.

"Van Gogh’s letters - The artist speaks" is on display from 9 October 2009 through 3 January 2010. His letters will take center stage in the exhibition. More than 120 original letters will be on show alongside the works that Van Gogh was writing about. These important documents have seldom or never been shown to the public due to their extreme fragility and sensitivity to light.

The most interesting aspect of the exhibit to me is his letter sketches. According to the official website, "Van Gogh's correspondence has a special bearing on his art because of the sketches of his own work that he included in his letters. These sketches served no artistic purpose but were made with the sole intention of showing Theo and his other correspondents what the paintings or drawings he was working on or had completed actually looked like. Visitors will be able to view a large number of letter sketches and enjoy the unique opportunity of being able to compare them with the paintings and drawings on which they are based."

Perhaps I shall start to write my journal more often. My friend artist Katja Leibenath does it wonderfully. If you are curious, you can see a sample of hers on her blog.

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