Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Flowers?

It must be the spring season. I couldn't believe that I just finished off another flower painting. I've been blogging about flowers, flowers, and flowers - I think I am losing my mind.

After all these, I was ready to take a break from flowers. But, one day, on my way home from subway, I saw two lilies on the roadside, just below the curb. They were still largely intact, except for one or two bent petals, which seemed were melting into the gray pavement. Immediately, a picture conjured up to my mind and I decided to paint it.

Unsatisfied with my memory, I went back to the scene but those two flowers were driven over multiple times and utterly destroyed. Once a local flower shop opened, I rushed in and bought a stem with two blooms. Rapidly, frenetically, I smeared painted on the canvas, and within a week, I finished the project. Now I'm enjoying my painting and my lilies - four blooms now!

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