Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Showcase - 3Dvas Gallery

The curator of 3Dvas - 3D Virtual Art Space (www.3dvas.com) invited to me join and submit my works to this innovative website.  The 3Dvas gallery is a network of 3D virtual galleries provided free of charge to artists around the world.  Artists that exhibit on 3Dvas enjoy a powerful multi-user system that allow artists to communicate live with every visitor that enter the gallery, and artists can also use this platform as a tool to simulate future exhibitions in 3D.

My first gallery features fourteen pieces of my portrait works and below are the screenshots of my 3D portrait gallery:

3DVas Portrait Gallery Screenshot

3DVas Portrait Gallery Screenshot 2

The dynamic gallery can be viewed if you download the software:

3D VAS - Portrait Gallery (Please use arrow keys to navigate)

Label: 3D Virtual Art Space

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