Saturday, August 6, 2011

Herakles, not Hamlet

This is my rare foray into politics on this blog designated for culture. However, since the political and economical situation affect art and culture greatly, I think it is pertinent to re-post this one I created for the my political blog: This Fading American Life.

This is a very difficult blog to post. It broke my heart to see such historical figure, President Obama, and the historical opportunities were squandered by his indecision and lack of political determination. Observing his tying up himself up like a pretzel, and losing political argument and debate at every important moment, due to not only the insanity of his opponent, but his inability to act, I think it is high time for the Democrats to rally around a warrior who will take on the irresponsible and greedy factor who ran this country aground.

I don't know what that person might be. However, there are more than a year's time before next general election. People who love this country and would want to serve can have time to rally liberal force and to tackle the problem we have, and to act today, not tomorrow.

Herakles, not Hamlet

The first term of the historic Obama presidency has passed its mid-point and now he is gearing up for his re-election.  In those pass year, he has proved extremely ineffective as he was extremely eloquence in his campaign trips.  In last few years, he surrendered again and again before many major battles and then came out declaring victories in the face of humiliating (to himself) and devastating (to us) defeats and squandered hand-own political edges.

He came to the presidency as the personification of great hope.  Yet, now, it looks more like the greatest hype.

I have no doubt of his great intelligence, his noble intentions and his admirable even temper.

Yet, for all those virtues, if he cannot get his agendas, no, our agendas, accomplished, how good this president is he?  Not much.

He has retreated again and again, arguing that all those defeats would be perfect debating points during his re-election campaign and he would deal his opponents a crushing defeat.  That line of argument is not even hopeful; it's delusional.

Let us admit it, that Obama's presidency would not achieve what we deem good for the nation.  He has served the historical purpose by smashing one racial ceiling; for that, we congratulate him and his voters, and thank them all.

Now, it's time for President Obama to accept the bitter reality.  He is not up to the demands of the tough job, facing the opponents with utter contempt for average American people, America and him.

Perhaps, he can still prevail in the general election.  But what's the purpose of that, if his second term is just as ineffective and disastrous as this one?

We need to have someone in the White House who can accomplish what we demand the president to accomplish.  Let's find a warrior who would fight tooth and nail.

We need Herakles; not Hamlet.

Matthew Felix Sun's Live Drawing_1373
Life Drawing © Matthew Felix Sun

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