Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visualizing Success

Ambitious people dream of success but are often daunted by lacking a clear path to reach their lofty and glorious goals.  When the goals become too elusive to grasp, it could be very frustrating and even paralyzing.  I call that "Three-Sister Syndrome", which alludes to the eponymous play by Anton Chekhov, on three sisters who pined to return to Moscow but could not and would not make an effort to initiate the move.

The Three-Sister Syndrome can creep up often, during the various stages of one's career.  This paralysis is very damaging and if it becomes chronic, one can easily give it up altogether. 

Recognizing this being "normal", doesn't mean that we ought be let it control our life.

The way to cope with this problem, or work around it, is to set goals not only the ultimate one, but short term and intermediate ones.  It is very important that the short-terms goals (one year - five years, say) should be tangible and measurable.  For visual artists, these can be like numbers of sales, numbers of exhibitions, numbers of competitions participated, or more ambitious, numbers of juried shows, or juried shows in a particular art market, say New York or London.

These goals should not be easy to achieve but also should be achievable with considerable stretch, therefore the growth.

Whatever the goals are, they should be as detailed as possible.  The more details we add to those goals, the clearer the difference between the state of now and the future.  Once the differences between where we are and where we want to be are mapped out, it would be less difficult to pin down what to be done to get there.

This process is often hard and even odious to our morale.  However, if we live in the shade of illusion, we would never achieve the success we crave.

This process demands absolute honesty with ourselves and it is soul-baring brutal.  However, if we survive this multiple times, each time we reach for a higher plane, then, we are on our way to success.

Naturally, this would not guarantee anything; but, in my opinion, it is a must.

Rafting / 漂筏 / Flößerei
Rafting © Matthew Felix Sun

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