Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleepy Cat

Steve Masover posted a blog (One Finger Typing) entry Are cats inherently optimistic? on the optimistic cat Snowboots.  She is a very affectionate and persistent cat.

As Steve said, she loves to sneak into comfortable bed, which she would love to commandeer. 

Cat _ 4000
"This is the bed I should have."

Cat _ 3996
"It feels so cozy."

However, occasionally, she would not mind sit on a chair by the table, even though her food would not be served there. She enjoyed was eye-level companionship.

Cat _ 4015

Recently, she has lost interest in the bed, and falls in love with a tall chair I newly installed for her which has become her favorite spot where she can sleep for hours:

Cat _ 4108
"Jumping made me tired."

Cat _ 4116
"Now I can sleep."

Finally, you can have a fuller picture of her:

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