Monday, July 18, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

When I saw the silly title of a new movie on its poster, I laughed out loud - "Cowboys & Aliens".  One line of movie quote jumped out - "the aliens abused him...sexually" (online search helped me to locate the origin - "Independence Day"). Is this going to be an action movie like "Independence Day" or a homoerotica like "Brokeback Mountain"?  Or, even better, illegitimate child of these famed predecessors? And who is going to probe whom?

Cowboys and Aliens _ 4037

I don't believe that I will ever bother to find it out.  Perhaps the trailer below gives some clue?


  1. I was also surprised when I saw the title of the movie Cowboys and Aliens but later when I saw the trailer of the movie that seems good.I want to see this movie.I heard mixed reviews about the movie.