Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cy Twombly (April 25, 1928 – July 5, 2011)

The passing of Cy Twombly was a sad event in the art world.  We lost a giant.

Not very well-versed in contemporary art scene, particularly in abstract field, I only learned of this wonderful abstract painter very recently, during San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Introduction to the Fisher Collections in last August.

His seemingly simple loops have endless variations and were actually very complex.  The more one studies it, the more challenging it was to have a firm grasp of his methodology and results.  I mentioned in my blog for the Fisher Collection as such:
Cy Twombly's abstract paintings worked like landscape. The 1971 Untitled [Rome] demonstrated his mastery perfectly. The endless strokes of the crayon looped like layers and layers of grass and the shapes and depth of the work was simply amazing.

Untitled [Rome], 1971, Cy Twombly // Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection, SFMOMA _6611
Untitled [Rome], 1971, Oil-based house paint and crayon on canvas, Cy Twombly 1928-

Note I, from the series III Notes from Salalah, 2005-7, Acrylic on wood panel, Cy Twombly 1928-

Below is a video of his works:

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