Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cat's Many Haunts

Cats are very funny creatures and often irrational and that contributes to their immense charm.

Look at this particular one - she loves to be in boxes, in bathtub, on a bag or on rooftop - many unusual choices.  Anything about her was just adorable.

Cat in a Box 8664

Cat in Box 2809

Cat in Box 8660

Which Box is Better 8692

Cat on Bag 0551

Cat on Rail 0029

Napping Cat 2869

Le Penseur _0024

Cat in Bathtub

Cat on Rooftop _ 8673

Cat on Rooftop _ 8675

Cat on Rooftop _ 8678 Cat on Rooftop _ 8677

Cat on Rooftop _ 8679

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