Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Subway System in Shenyang, China

I have included some photos taken on the platforms of Shenyang Subway system (first two lines, with at least another 8 lines to come) in my earlier blog, Art in the Streets of Shenyang, China, such as the picture below of the lovely Shenyang Library Station, with inscriptions of "Book" in various styles, adorned the lamp covers:

Library Subway Station, Shenyang _ 0148

In general, these two lines run smoothly and the stations and cars were clean and well designed and maintained.  One could leisurely wander about some stations at off-peak hours, while the transfer station or rush hours, one really needed to watch his own steps, and an extra safe measure was the glass partitions separating tracks from the platforms.

Shenyang Subway _ 9299 Shenyang Subway _ 0115

Shenyang Subway _ 9304

Shenyang Subway _ 0124

Shenyang Subway _ 9321

Shenyang Subway _ 9308
Transfer Station

Shenyang Subway _ 0127
Rush hour

The cars were obviously designed for short commutes, with more standing space and holding poles and less seats and many doors spaced through the lengths of the cars:

Shenyang Subway _ 0135

Shenyang Subway _ 9306

Inside the car and on the platforms, there were plenty helpful monitors and signage, indicating approaching/boarding/departure information, destinations and the incoming stops, in simplified Chinese and English:

Shenyang Subway _ 9320

Shenyang Subway _ 9326

Inevitably, one would encounter some poorly translated English, which was quite endearing:

Shenyang Subway _ 9324

Finally, I took these photos below at the end of the platform where I could see part of the tunnels:

Shenyang Subway _ 0122

Shenyang Subway _ 0120

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