Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paper Boats, Chairs Installations and More

Recently, while making origami 3D models for a painting study, I had an epiphany on art making.  Not only the desired painting, but the 3D origami models were art in their own rights.

I was making origami chairs, boats, and white dresses and I had very clearly defined way of arranging these tiny actors, on stages large or small.  Making these elements was a time-consuming effort but with the small fleet I have assembled so far, I could tell some fascinating stories already:

Chairs _ 8025 - 500

Chairs 8073 - HDR 500

3 Chairs - Art Installation _ 8016 - HDR 500

Chairs Installation _ 7828


Paper Boats _ 8774 - 500

Stay tuned for more arrangements.

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Label: My Installation

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