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More Animals in Shenyang, China

After describing Cats in Shenyang, I would like to talk about other animals I saw when I visited my home city Shenyang, China in May this year.

In my parent's compound, from their window, I could see a neighbor's little garden, and cages of bird and cricket.  The bird sang beautifully and the cricket chirped loudly.

Bird and Cricket, Shenyang, China _ 9882

Singing Bird in Cage, Shenyang, China _ 0010

Cricket in a Cage, Shenyang, China _ 0246

One day, I saw a cat became infatuated with the place.

Cat Trying to Catch a Squirrel in Cage, Shenyang, China _ 0016

Later, I realized that there was a squirrel confined behind the horizontal bars and I surely hoped that the cat wouldn't get his wishes.  Better still, the family should have given the squirrel its freedom.

As I mentioned in the cat article, pets were practically nonexistent when I grew up in China but now they were everywhere.  Below is a picture of a woman walking her dog in the same compound.

Woman Walking her Dog in Shenyang, China _ 9410

More bizarrely, in the Province Museum, I saw this sign below by the escalator, telling people to hold their pets when using the escalator.  Bring pets to museum?

Sign of Holding Dog on Escalator in a Museum, Shenyang, China _ 9745

Back to my parents' compound, I also saw some a couple fish pounds teeming with fish.  Considering how many cats roaming around in the compound, it was a relief to see the fish being so worry free.

Fish in a Pond, Shenyang, China _ 9963

But the shrimps in the tank in a restaurants were definitely not for eyes' pleasure.

Seafood Restaurant - Shenyang, China _ 0102

One day, I walked by a real estate office and in front of it, a man was playing with a tortoise and I surely hoped that this was a pet, rather than food.

A Man and A Tortoise, Shenyang, China _ 

If the sight of a tortoise was strange, it was even stranger to see donkeys in the city.  When I was little, it was not uncommon to see horse- or donkey-drawn carts delivering produces to the city.  That practice had ceased to exist since late 1980s through early 1990s before I left China.  Now the donkey carts were back.  Very strange.

Fruit Vendor and His Donkey in Shenyang, China _ 9266

Fruit Vendor and His Donkey, Shenyang, China _ 0372

Well, at least those donkeys themselves were not the merchandise, unlike the unfortunate chickens and ducks I saw in a farmer's market:

Live Ducks and Chickens in Cage in Farmer's Market, Shenyang, China _ 0440

Live Chickens in Cage in Farmer's Market, Shenyang, China _ 0455 Live Chickens in Cage in Farmer's Market, Shenyang, China _ 0446
Live Chickens in Cage in Farmer's Market, Shenyang, China _ 0441 Live Chickens and Ducks in Farmer's Market, Shenyang, China _ 0439

Yet, not every animal in the market was to be slaughtered and consumed.  This cute dog below was a pet dog belonged to one the of vendors and this little guy was just enjoying himself in his home turf.

Pet Dog in a Market in Shenyang, China _ 0444

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