Monday, December 22, 2014

Berkeley Art Museum Closed Its Bancroft Way Site

Yesterday, Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) closed its facility at Bancroft Way due to earthquake safety concerns, before it relocates to its exciting new facility at Center and Oxford Streets, currently under construction.

Yesterday, BAM staged a full day celebration; at 4 pm, I stopped by to say final farewell to the uncompromising site, and saw performance by artist Dohee Lee and her team, a performance of Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique for 100 Metronomes led by Sarah Cahill, and participated the festive procession to the site of BAM/PFA’s future home, under construction at Center and Oxford Streets.

Below are several video segments I took during those events, including brief speeches by University of Berkeley, California's chancellor Nicholas Dirks, and the Museum director Lawrence Rider, who led the process to the new beginning.

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