Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Favorite Frescos at Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padova (Padua)

DSCN0709 _ Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel), Padova, 12 October

Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padova (Padua), Italy, boasts a thrilling fresco cycle by Giotto, whose works were so delicate, that the viewers were limited to 10- to 20-minutes guided tours, and could only enter the chapel after a 15-minutes temperature and moisture modulation sessions.

That cycle was simply breathtaking - enormous scope, brilliant colors, remarkable compositions, "modern" technique of rendering volumes and understanding of human anatomy and perspectives, and above all, exotic and even bizarre visual symbols, not all of them could be understood readily by modern casual viewers, though that fault could hardly dampen visitors' collective awe.

One of my favorite was the Final Judgement Scene - restrained and classical, without baroque sentimental exaggeration of the later period.  Giotto captured the essence of human conditions which were almost primordial and touching in its piety and simplicity.

DSCN0707 _ Giotto Frescoes in Scrovegni Chapel, Padova, 12 October
Final Judgement

My second favorite depicted the scene of the Kiss of Judas — menacing yet becalming, with its ritualistic violence cloaked/contained in stylized manners, simultaneously timelessly still and dynamic. Unique and unforgettable.

DSCN0705 _ Giotto Frescoes in Scrovegni Chapel, Padova, 12 October
Kiss of Judas (Lower)

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