Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Continues - Reworking on Painting "Progression"

On March 28, 2009, I believe that I'd finished painting "Progression". Yet, I wasn't totally satisfied with the effort. The overall painting was in good direction but something was missing, it seemed to me. The left and right sections on the March version were in conflict, style wise. Left side was very clearly defined and the right was less so, therefore there was a disjoint effect uncalled for. The overall color tone was a little too clinically clean as well and there was a sense of detachment which was somewhat off putting. Over the Labor Day weekend, I managed to make the two sections in more consistent style in regarding of contour definitions and the adjustment of the overall color tone, seemed to me, deepens the dark sense of the work and draws the audience in.

I was both too easy on myself and was too afraid to overdo the painting. But, being more self-critical turned an all right work to a good one.

Finished on September 7, 2009

As of March 28, 2009

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