Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Heads, Six Arms (Nezha), Giant Bronze Scuplture at Civic Plaza, San Francisco

Since May 12, 2010, a giant bronze sculpture has taken its place at San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza. It weights 15-ton and stands 26-foot tall and is called Three Heads, Six Arms - I also call it Nezha, who is a legendary figure in China and indeed had three heads and six arms.

Nezha by Zhang Huan _8734

Nezha by Zhang Huan _8735

Nezha by Zhang Huan _8739

Nezha by Zhang Huan _8738

According to ABC News, "the sculpture reflects images found in traditional Buddhist sculptures. It is nearly three stories high and it weighs 15 tons. Structural engineers were brought in to determine the exact location for the work since there is a parking garage underneath it. The spot for the work had a variance of only 12 inches.

"Chinese artist Zhang Huan is premiering it in San Francisco to celebrate the 30th anniversary of San Francisco's sister city relationship with Shanghai. Huan is considered one of the most influential and provocative contemporary artists working today. He says he had lots of inspirations and began to understand people's cultural and spiritual life in Tibet. He says the sculpture has to create a super nature power to bring good wishes to San Francisco."

It is a tremendous work, not just weight wise.  What struck me most is the seriousness of the facial expressions and they don't resemble anything in my less-enlighten mind as Buddhist but that was the point of it. This sculpture will remain on display through the end of 2011.

The Sculpture

Three Heads Six Arms Dedication Ceremony

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