Monday, October 11, 2010

iPad, Water, Computer Art

The advance of new technology is quite disorienting amongst artists. Many people however are eager to explore the new horizon.  Fine art should not be limited to fresco, paper, charcoal, canvas, oil, marble or bronze.  Take William Kentridge for example, it is difficult to refute that his process or art-making is just as important as his drawings, prints and paintings, if not more.

Since iPad came into existence, people have made effort to incorporate that device into art-making, with various degree of success.

New York Times Magazine reported recently on such effort by the British painter David Hockney using iPhone’s Brushes app, among others:

I also found the video below on using iPad to make a portrait.

Other unusual art formats include "water painting", computer simulation (an old trick by now?) and light projections:

Water Painting:

Computer Simulation:

Coordinated Light Projection:

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