Friday, October 1, 2010

A Semi-Abstract Painting Finished

In the middle of busying posting my New York Museum and Gallery visits, I thought about my own artistic endeavor hard, forwards and backwards. Yet, life goes on and I moved back to my studio and picked up where I left off.

Finally, I was able to finish a semi-abstract painting.  I was mostly interested in exploring color contrasts and relations with this work, at the same time, trying to experiment with spatial vantage points.  It went even further, when I started to incorporate figures (light blue ones) in the poses can be either like we see in cartoons or in the ancient brick relief from China.  They suspend in the mid-air and in the history, ready to be blown away, thus I added elements of dandelions, which reinforces the feeling of involuntary dispersion.

Dispersion / 彌散 / Zerstreuung
Dispersion / 彌散 / Zerstreuung
Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"
Completed in 2010

© Matthew Felix Sun

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