Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Paintings In My Office Building

Last weekend, I replaced my works on display in the lunch lounge of my office building. The four works I put on last weekend are mostly abstract and monochromatic. Not my usual style but somehow they worked:

Office Building, University of California, Berkeley _ 4929

Details of the four paintings are can be examined more closed with the close-ups:

Homeland Impression, III
Homeland Impression, III

Tree Trunks in Gray Landscape / 灰色風景裡的樹幹 / Baumstämme in Grau Landschaft
Tree Trunks in Gray Landscape

Urban Forest / 城市森林 / Städtischer Wald
Urban Forest

Dark Trees, II / 黑暗樹木之二 / Dunkle Bäume, II
Dark Trees, II


  1. Quite a choice there. Abstract and monochromatic they may be, yet the difference in texture and medium make a wonderful mix on your wall. Great additions! They can certainly motivate you while at work!