Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photographer Robert Welsh - Black & White Spider Awards Finalist

San Francisco Photographer Robert Welsh had made great stride in recent years, as witnessed by numerous shows and museum collections.

Outside his main theme of culture clash, one of his black and white photograph was nominated for "Black & White Spider Awards".  

Black & White Spider Awards online exhibition represents the world's finest contemporary photographers as nominated by the Jury. Thousands of images are submitted each year with only a few hundred images making it to Nominee status by consensus of the Jury. The Nominee shortlist consists of images that have received the highest percentage of votes overall and is the shortlist from which the winners are decided.

Welsh's photograph was titled "Child on Ferry".  The description goes: This child who seems deep in thought with the Statue of Liberty in the background is from an on-going series of the Staten Island Ferry. I tried to capture the light and the manner in which it reflects the varying moods of its passengers.

The short biography of Robert Welsh states that Robert Welsh (b. 1953) captures the spirit of various communities and settings to convey a sense of universalism. He documents urban neighborhoods as a reminder of his childhood in working class Boston. Robert works in both B&W and color using traditional methods. His work has been described as painterly and layered. Garnering numerous awards and exhibitions, his photographs are in the permanent collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Denver Art Museum, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Hispanic Society of America, Worcester Art Museum, and Griffin Museum of Photography.


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