Thursday, September 8, 2011

More on Craftsmanship and Inspiration

A day after I posted Craftsmanship versus Inspiration, on the merit of craftsmanship versus pure inspiration or a good idea, I saw this very intriguing image on San Francisco Chronicle:

It is an installation by Michele Pred, "Red, White and Black" (2011), made of razor blades confiscated by airport security in the wake of 9/11.

This image is very strong and have enormous story behind it.  However, it is obvious that craftsmanship was not a concern.  This very interesting installation can be viewed at the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco.

However, yesterday, Bay Area writer Steve Masover commented on my post as following:

Betsy Lerner is an agent and former editor whose acerbic and incisive and often hilarious blog I follow pretty closely. Next up in my Google Reader after your post was one she wrote called Things are Happening Every Day.

In this post, Lerner is responding to a frequent question, along the lines of 'I have an interesting story to tell, what should I do?' She writes: This is probably the most frequently asked question I get and yet somehow it always makes me apoplectic. Your story is not interesting, or not inherently interesting. Great writing and great storytelling is the only thing that is interesting.

Hmmmm... a strong argument for craft, from an experienced hand.
I'm very confused.

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