Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful Necklace and Keychain from Zazzle

The last batch of the small gifts I purchased from my Zazzle Store for my relatives finally arrived - a kaychain and a necklace designed with the images of my oil paintings "Liberation Road" and "In Distant Country", respectively.

They looked as fabulous as on the above, shining, well crafted and sturdy.  They even come with individual jewelry drawstring pouch and the care they put into them was obviously.  I am very please and believe that the receivers of these two little gifts would be pleased as well.

Zazzle Keychain & Necklace _ 7781

Zazzle Keychain - Oil Painting Liberation Road _ 7782

Zazzle Necklace - Oil Painting In Distant Country _ 7783

Zazzle Necklace - Oil Painting In Distant Country _ 7798

Zazzke Jewelry Drawstring Pouch _ 7784

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