Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vintage Cadillac

Recently, I saw a vintage Cadillac parking on the street and couldn't help taking some pictures.  This old treasure was stunningly beautiful and amazingly well-maintained.

Vintage Cadillac _ 7834 HDR 500

Vintage Cadillac _ 7828 HDR 500

Vintage Cadillac _ 7829 - HDR 500

Vintage Cadillac _ 7834 HDR 500

Vintage Cadillac _ 7827 HDR 500

However, I am glad that the modern personal vehicles are much smaller and energy efficient.  Also, I hope that this vintage Cadillac will find a home in some museum one day, like the one below, in Oakland Museum of California now:

Looking down to the history gallery - California in the decades after World War II, Oakland Museum of California _ 9546

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