Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zazzle Magnets Arrived

After those Zazzle bags arrived last Friday, I received my second batch of Zazzle products based on the images of my oil paintings - magnets.

I only ordered two kind of magnets - one is a self-portrait, converted to sepia tones, "Orange":

Zazzle Magnet - Oil Painting "Orange" (in sepia tones) _ 7776

and the middle section of my "In Distant Country", a mythic take on the Belgian city Bruges:

Zazzle Magnet - Oil Painting "In Distant Country" _ 7774

These magnets looked really good - beautifully produced and sharply printed.  Smooth and professionally looking.  They look quite nice together:

Zazzle Magnets Oil Paintings - "Orange" (in sepia tones) and In "Distant Country" _ 7779

I'm really looking forward to the keychain and necklace I ordered from my Zazzle store:

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