Sunday, March 17, 2013

Before and After - A Painting Framed

Once in a long while, I would be ready to fork out some money to have one of my paintings framed professionally.  Framing a painting is no trivial matter - it requests no trivial amount of money, and it requests serious deliberation on choosing the right ones.  A painting is like a person, whose look and impression can morph drastically with the clothes.  Clothes can flatter or debase a person and a frame can do the same to a painting.

My philosophy regarding frames is to do no harm.  The frames are to harmonize with the work but not to take the viewer's attention away from the piece, unless we want to hide some defects, imaginary or real, from the viewers.  I generally stay away from too ornate and heavy frames, which often dwarf the relatively small pieces we produce in the modern days, for modest settings.  Simple, in tune, and improve subtly.

Below is the painting I just took back from a framer.  Though the snap shot of the framed work does not quite match, color wise, the professionally done photo, one can still see the effect of this set of frames:

Devils' Dance / 魔鬼的舞蹈 / Teufels Tanz

DSCN6127 - 500

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