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Teatro La Fenice di Venezia (La Fenice Theatre in Venice)

DSCN1346 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

Venice itself is a museum and treasure box. From every angle, one sees something astonishingly beautiful, if somewhat aged and tired looking, though the charm of Venice does reside much in the apparent ancientness.  The main opera house in Venice, Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, however, does not attract one's attention with a flamboyant or stories exterior; it's a rather subdued classical structure, solid and unpretentious, and one hardly expects to encounter the remarkably exuberant Rococo beauty inside.

La Fenice (The Phoenix), dating back to late 18th century, was aptly named because it indeed re-emerged several times from fire and ashes, with the latest devastating fire taking place in 1996 and rebuilt subsequently from 2001 through 2003.

Quoting Wikipedia, "La Fenice was rebuilt in 19th-century style on the basis of a design by architect Aldo Rossi and using still photographs from the opening scenes of Luchino Visconti's 1954 film Senso, which was filmed in the house, in order to obtain details of its design. It reopened on 14 December 2003 with an inaugural concert of Beethoven, Wagner, and Stravinsky. The first opera production was La traviata in November 2004."

When I returned to Venice in October 2012, there was no performance scheduled in La Fenice then, so I took solace in touring the theater - a self-guided tour, with no entry time and duration constraints.  For an extra fee, visitors were allowed to take photos and videos of the pale green and gold color schemed auditorium, breath-taking for its almost too ornate, extremely detailed yet subtle beauty.  Words fail me here so I'll let the image to speak instead:

DSCN1407 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1402 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1430 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1403 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1399 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October DSCN1400 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1406 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1411 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1408 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1404 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1440 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

Below are images from two smaller halls, ideal for intimate recitals; though smaller and less elaborate, they were no less beautiful.

DSCN1477 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

DSCN1465 _ La Fenice, Venezia, 13 October

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