Sunday, February 2, 2014

Making and Framing Art in Shenyang and US

This is my last post reporting my trip to Shenyang, China, in September 2013.

Whenever I visited home, I would raid some art supply stores near the renown Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts,  and carry some loots home.  Last year, I purchased some lovely colored graphite and charcoal sticks and I tried out with some still life and portrait drawings when I was still in China:

DSCN5704 - 500

DSCN5209 - 500

DSCN5707 - 500

As usual, I also brought some of my completed works home as gifts, if they are small enough to fit into my luggage.  Last year, I brought two colored ink drawings home and my family immediately had them framed.

Apropos framing, I believe that appropriate frames should accent, decorate and complement, instead of stealing attentions from the works and had the potential to enhance the appeals of artworks tremendously. I would say that the framing shop in Shenyang did excellent jobs with these drawings:

Ink and Watercolor Lilies Watercolor Storm 2

DSCN6327 _ Ink and Watercolor Lilies - 500

DSCN6326 _ Watercolor Storm 2 - 500


I have been exploring several media suitable for drawings and paintings on paper and my latest territory is gouache, a kind of opaque water color and if not diluted much, could have results like oil painting; with enough water, can imitate water color.  Below are very first two gouache paintings I made, Yellow Rose and Sunflower.

Yellow Rose Sunflower

And here are those gouache paintings in the frames I chose for their presentations:

DSCN7822 - Yellow Rose, framed - 500

DSCN7823 _ Sunflowers, framed - 500

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