Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crop "Drawings" in Shenyang, China

Courtesy or my sister, I can share some fascinating photos of crop "drawings" on display in Shenyang, China at the moment. The colorful drawings of corporate logos, presumably the sponsors', animals, buildings and well-known and beloved mythical figures, such as the Monkey King, were absolutely enchanting.

IMG_6500 _ Crop Drawing in Shenyang, China

IMG_6501 _ Crop Drawing in Shenyang, China

IMG_6499 _ Crop Drawing in Shenyang, China

IMG_6498 _ Crop Drawing in Shenyang, China

These paintings definitely have attracted some gawkers, who for a modest fees, could clime atop the observation tower or deck for a good view.  Hopefully, it is good business.

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