Friday, August 26, 2016

My Favorite Paintings at National Art Museum of China, Beijing

The National Art Museum of China in Beijing has interesting oil painting collections, but when I visited it many years ago, the only oil paintings on display were a group of portraits of political and bigness bigwigs, uniformly done in the quite pompous and imperial fashion, therefore the only works worth seeing were some Chinese paintings and here are a couple of such samples.

The 1960 landscape "Xiling Gorge" by FU Baoshi was a bold presentation of an often painted subject - one of the renown Three Gorges in upper Yangtze River.  With broad and assertive strokes, and only a few shades of black, gray and white, Fu fashioned an epic scene worthy of Homer, a monumental world of basic elements - river, mountain, fog, rain, and clouds - charged of primordial energy and majesty.

Further in the direction of modern, JIA Youfu's 1984 landscape painting "A Monument of Taihang" left an indelible impression with bold gestures, complemented by fine and layered details. The overlapping angular planes created a receding and serene universe, while the bold red colors and the jagged upward peaks punctuated the scene like a pounding heart.

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