Sunday, April 3, 2011

iPad 2 Deserves Its Movie

It took about a year's time for Apple to come up with the second generation of its popular iPad.  That fact reminded me of what it took for a communist China to develop and produce its second generation truck - thirty years!

In 1956, the first Liberation truck was produced in Changchun, in Manchurian China.  This model ever since monopolized truck market in China and only in 1986, more than one million trucks later, the second generation of Liberation truck, came down from assembling line.

Jiefang (Liberation) truck - old

Jiefang (Liberation) G2

Chinese industrial and political leaders were so proud that they even managed to make a featured film out of this - "Liberation".

Following the footsteps of "The Social Network", a film about producing something can be interesting.  Therefore, I suppose that a movie "iPad 2" is eminently desirable and marketable. 

China has taught us how to manufacture, how to develop, how to squeeze civil liberties, and it would not be too humiliating to learn from them on how to make an industrial movie.

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