Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Eyes of Electra - A New Drawing

Currently, I'm experimenting spatial relationship and geometric patterns in a series of Greek Mythology paintings, including themes on Helen, Paris, Orestes, Electra and Oedipus.

While making the time-consuming oil paintings, I made some drawing studies in various finished degrees.  Below is the one for Electra - The Eyes of Electra.  I image that her bloodshot eyes are lurking behind every corner of the dark, cold and unfriendly palace of Mycenae, Greece, and plotting the death of her vengeful mother and her lover who had murdered her father.

The Eyes of Electra _ 0284

This drawing does not have the nightmarish feel my oil painting has but has a certain clarity the painting lacks.  A reasonable compromise, I think.

Tag: Greek Abstract

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