Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Agnes (Agnieszka) the Elephant

Matthew and the Purple CrayonThe multi-talented Quinn not only designed a whimsical fabric pattern with some quite strange childhood drawings of mine, she also made a stuffed elephant for me with the fabric she purchased from Spoon Flower online shop

She presented me the elephant last weekend during her visit.  The elephant was very cute - big head, giant ears and tiny tail and best of all, a pair of stunned eyes.  I named her Agnes (Agnieszka).  The reason behind this was that during our very engaging conversation, I learned from her, a marvelous linguist amongst many other identities she assumes, that Agnes was a name wildly popular in Poland, and that made a great impression on me and I thought that Agnieszka was a fitting name for my cuddly new friend:

Agnes the Elephant _ 0125

Agnes the Elephant _ 0126

Agnes the Elephant _ 0124

Agnes the Elephant _ 0122

However, "my" cat seemed disagree.  Since I hadn't decided on a permanent home for Agnes yet, I placed Agnes on a pile of dark clothes I gathered for the Goodwill in my bedroom, which door was generally closed to keep my cat out - she liked to hide inside our rather large closet which has no door to keep her out and it is too difficult and agonizing to locate her, so I was forced to confine her space to our living room, kitchen, bathroom and the back deck.

Anyway, yesterday, I took some recycling materials downstairs after I got back home from work and left my bedroom door open momentarily.  When I came back, I saw that Agnes was lying on the floor in the middle of the bedroom.  I picked her up and tried to put her back to her temporary spot, then realized that her spot had been usurped by no other than the cat!  The cat cunningly blended in with my dark clothes - you can see that her is a sort of tuxedo cat.  I'd better find a good place for my Agnieszka, preferably high up, so my jealous cat would not pounce on her again.

Cat _ 9880

Cat _ 0137


  1. Agnes is absolutely adorable, as is your cat. Your cat is clearly making a statement about the hierarchy of cute little pets in the home!

  2. To Anonymous - Naturally. Thank you for the comment.