Monday, July 18, 2016

My Favorite Monuments at Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio, Bologna

DSCN4385 _ Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio

Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio (The Palace of Archeology) in Bologna is a fantastical enclosed palatial building, whose corridors are adorned with numerous decorative emblems, all of them can be viewed as relief sculptures.

DSCN4558 _ Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio

My favorite was a monument of a tower wrapped by a snake and topped by a huge cross. I didn't like stare at that animal and couldn't decipher the exact meaning of the symbol, other than it resembled a reverse caduceus; but it stood out in the pack.

DSCN4414 _ Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio

My second favorite was a dark stele flanked by two semi-nude females at the base, and furthered augmented by some colorful small coats of arms in formation, and as a whole, they resembled fancy peahens.

DSCN4392 _ Il palazzo dell'Archiginnasio

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