Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby's New Clothes

Signing and dating a painting is the final process of delivering a baby, but the excitement does not end there - showing off the baby and clothing the baby (framing it) continue the thrill. Selecting a right frame from endless choices for a painting is a daunting task; even the artist himself/herself sometimes approaches this step with trepidation and hope. Frames make a huge difference.

I often bring the painting, or at least a large print to the shop to select a frame. In the digital age, we have better tools than that. I often use a good web site for reference. Frames By is a good starting point. This web site has a large collection of reasonably priced frames. The best feature of this website is the preview of one's uploaded image of a work of art framed in whichever selections one wishes to consider. (How I wish my local frame shop had such a feature!)

For this study, I uploaded my newly finished painting Bruges, Impression. The sample pictures below demonstrate what different frames will do for a given painting:

1 1/2" Black Wire Brush Panel

1" Black Compo Scoop

1" Two Tone Paduque

1 1/4" Dark Gold Leaf

1.25'' Dist Grey

1" Traditional Walnut On Ash

Clothes make the man!

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