Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips for Artist: Video Presentations

My blog on artist David Antonides featureda video presentation of his watercolors.  I also posted a video presentation of my painting "The Song of Orpheus", which was created with Flash, and exported as QuickTime movie.  It is a little tricky and needs some computer training.

However, Windows Movie Maker, a software often come in with Microsoft Office package, is a good alternative.  It is quite easy to use, with several built-in video transitions.  You can also drag and drop mp3 or other audio files in as the soundtrack.

Below video was created in such fashion in less than 20 minutes.  Afterwards, I posted it on my YouTube channel, so as to reach broader audience.

>> Video presentations of paintings and drawings, Part III: "Sibyls" - Portraits of Old Women
<< Video presentations of paintings and drawings, Part I: The Song of Orpheus

List of Video Presentation of My Artworks

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