Saturday, May 18, 2013

Unexpected Successes of "Stringed White Dresses - An Installation"

I have been working on a series of paintings with "white dress(es)" motif for quite a while, and recently I extended my effort to include some installation/mixed-media endeavors.  My most complete effort in this new field was a work titled "Stringed White Dresses - An Installation", completed in March 2013.

Using some rather square and unyielding origami white dresses, pasted onto twine, who was in turn attached to a wooden frame, I created a subtle contrast between order and disarray, manifested in the disordered formation of the white dresses.  To enhance the contrast and drama, I affixed to the frame an ink drawing - mostly in black, with dashes of muted red.  When I started to get excited about this project, I recorded part of the creation process on video.  Below are the video clip and the finished piece:

Stringed White Dresses - An Installation

Though I was happy with and proud of the resulting work, I didn't pin much hope on this piece, which was really an experiment.  Yet, I was curious enough to see other people's reactions to it, so I submitted it for publication. In April, it was included in Pomona Valley Review, Issue 7, published by Cal Poly Pomona.

Pomona Valley Review, Issue 7 - April 2013 - Page 76 - Stringed White Dresses - An Installation

I was quite encouraged by this acceptance and entered it for the ArtSlant 4th 2013 Showcase competition, in the mixed-media category.  Last week, I was informed, and then saw the result online, that it had won the award.  

Stringed White Dresses - ArtSlant Showcase Award

That made it the fourth win in ArtSlant's Showcase competitions. ArtSlant is the #1 Contemporary Art Network with worldwide arts calendars, artitsts, reviews, and online art sales of originals and prints.

ArtSlant 4th 2013 Showcase Award

I am quite pleased and more than a bit amused by its success.  A new direction?  Maybe.  The "White Dress" series will continue, for sure.

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