Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Recapitulations - Video Presentation of Paintings & Installations

In 2013, I continued to explore the intricacy of patterns, and stylized presentations which were neither naturalism nor pure abstraction, as means to express distilled concepts and emotion; at the mean time, I did make a couple paintings which were purely abstract work and figurative painting.  I also continued to develop works on the theme of a reoccurring motif - white dresses, which to me, were both highly individual and impersonal, simultaneously free and constrained. Finally, a variation of the white dresses - a painting of a black dress, was added to the growing series at the end of the year. 

Following my own tradition, I compiled my paintings and major installations completed in 2013 into a video presentation:

Music excerpt: TimeSphere by Steve Yi
Completed: 2013.07.27
Duration: 7:03
Ensemble: Electronic (blue, Csound)

Those works included in the video are below 9 Paintings and 4 Installations, all completed in 2013:

Rowing / 划船 / Rudern Congregation / 聚會 / Gemeinde Diptych - Dawn / 双联 - 黎明 / Diptychon - Dämmerung
         Rowing                     Congregation              Diptych - Dawn

Lantern / 燈籠 / Laterne Two Pears / 兩個梨 / Zwei Birnen Father and Son / 父與子 / Vater und Sohn
          Lantern                     Two Pears               Father and Son

Last Trip - A Dream / 最后的旅程 - 一个梦 / Letzte Reise - Ein Traum Surveying / 勘查 / Begutachtung Arabesque / 阿拉伯風 / Arabeske
Last Trip - A Dream               Surveying                  Arabesque

Niobe / 尼俄柏 / Niobe Cage / 樊籠 / Käfig Stringed White Dresses - An Installation
              Niobe                       Cage                Stringed White Dresses

Congregation, An Installation - Animated Gif
               Congregation, An Installation

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List of Video Presentation of My Artworks

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