Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Favorite Artworks in the Mausoleum, Graz, Austria

DSCN8637 _ Dom (Katharinenkirche und Mausoleum), Graz, 8 October

Graz is an ancient Austrian city, whose Renaissance cityscape is dominated by the complex of Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II and the Dom and the Katharinenkirche (right, left and middle).

DSCN2226 _ Kaiser Leopold I. Mausoleum, Graz, 8 October

In 2010, I visited Graz and saw this impressive tomb, a minor St. Peter's, designed by Ferdinand's court artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis.  The interior was both grand and intimate, magnificent and humble.  I found the center shrine (above) very impressive, dark and somber, topped with the Emperor's proud eagle standard, beneath a brilliantly colored scene of coronation in the heaven.

The crypt itself was a small round space, and atop of the tomb, there were two effigies of the royal couple, carved in earthy red stone, almost crudely simple, like medieval chess pieces, tiny and humble, and very pious indeed, despite all the pomp above their resting cellar.

DSCN2233 _ Kaiser Ferdinands II. Mausoleum, Graz, 8 October

DSCN2234 _ Kaiser Leopold I. Mausoleum, Graz, 8 October

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