Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Favorite Calligraphy and Monument at Great Mosque of Xi'an, China

Great Mosque of Xi'an, China _ IMG_5300

There is a Great Mosque in Xi'an, China, though the main buildings had distinctive flavor of Chinese architecture, amidst Arab characteristics.

I loved a group of wooden scrolls hanging by the entrances to the main hall - gold-filled calligraphy carvings on blackened wood had a pleasing contrast and each character looked like a finely composed picture, perfectly balanced and centered, and full of flowing beauty.  Even the chipping of the black paints became well-integrated elements of the larger canvas.

Great Mosque of Xi'an, China _ IMG_5312

Grand Mosque, Xi'an, China _5311

I also liked very much a pavilion protecting a stele. The basic structure of the pavilion was Chinese, but the decorative abstract motifs were Arab; yet there were figures in the relief, and they looked typical Chinese!

Grand Mosque, Xi'an, China _ IMG_5764

Grand Mosque, Xi'an, China _ IMG_5763

Detail of a Pavilion, Grand Mosque, Xi'an, China (detail) _ IMG_5764_m

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