Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Modern German Master - Neo Rauch

Leipzig, an eastern German city, has become an important art center lately. It even boasts a "New Leipzig School" centering around figures like the modern master Neo Rauch.

Neo Rauch

His canvases are often large, full of dynamic colors and figures, with style someone called "Pop Surrealism". His work do have a disorienting effect and the absurdity of Surrealism. However, his works also resemble the early and brutish mythical phase of Max Beckmann, therefore prevent them from falling into the camp of pure pop art.

His paintings are more vibrate and colorful than those true contemporary greats like Anselm Kiefer or William Kentridge, but the surface playfulness doesn't rub his works of disturbing effect of industrial alienation. In that perculiar mix, Rauch proves his worth.

I was able to find many of his works on David Zwiner website:

Paranoia 2007 Neo Rauch
Paranoia, 2007

Neue Rollen 2005 Neo Rauch
Neue Rollen, 2005

Acker 2002 Neo Rauch
Acker, 2002

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