Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potrait Painter Nancy Seamons Crookston

I have been admiring a fellow artist, Nancy Seamons Crookston, in my drawing session at University of California Berkeley very much. I not only like her fantastic drawings, I was very impressed by her kind encouragement to fellow artists.

She is a well-known portrait painter and is being presented by several well-respected galleries. Recently, she was invited to judge for the competition sponsored by Oil Painters of America, an organization dedicated to the preservation of representational art. Her works are rooted firmly in the realism tradition and her keen observation and draftsmanship can be savored at places such as:

Waterhouse Gallery:

Crookston-No Looking Back 24x15
No Looking Back

Seamons Crookston Quiet. 12x9

Scottsdale Fine Art Gallery:

Crookston - She Was Of Course Ready For The Fireworks 16x9
She Was Of Course Ready For The Fireworks

Bella Donna - 12x9
Bella Donna - 12x9

I had many opportunities observing her drawing from models. Within minutes, she created a fully developed drawing with shades of black charcoal, seemingly effortlessly. It was a joy just watching.

charcoal of Rachael

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