Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tips for Artists from ArtSlant

ArtSlant, a most up-to-date news website on art events and artists in the great art cities of the world is an amazing resources for artists and art lovers. Periodically, it gives marketing and promotional tips for artists, often witty:

How Not to Get a Gallery

Some tips:

1. Keep your art in a closet so no one can see it - because you know it is so good that the world will discover it anyway. Maybe posthumously.

2. Don't visit any galleries. But if you must go, pretend to be a buyer. Gallery staff treat buyers so much better than unknown artists. Then leave before they realize that you are the talented artist they have been trying to track down for months.

3. Avoid contests, juried shows, artist calls, and any requests for portfolio reviews. If they are so easy to get into, they must have very low standards.


Thinking of Promoting Your Art?

hmmmm - here are 10 things you could do instead:

1. Take your partner to the movies - go Dutch

2. Convince someone to pay your bills

3. Cut your own hair (30 mins, plus 4 hours to get it fixed)

4. Buy a sweater (see #2 above)

5. Pick wild flowers and hand deliver to your mom

6. Wash the dishes

7. Organize your bench

8. Plant a vegetable garden

9. Cancel your phone service

10. Go to a bar

No more dishes washing, yeah!

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