Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Gallery of Luxun Art Academy in Shenyang, China

When I visited my home city, Shenyang, China, last month, I stopped by Art Gallery of Luxun Art Academy. Unfortunately, it was closed. During my last three visits, only once I was able to see some artwork there.

Most of the galleries and museum in China don't seem to have a consistent hours or curating philosophy. Not a single one of the museums I've visited there ever sold any reproductions of their works. When I visited the National Gallery in Beijing, I found no permanent oil painting collections on display. Such visits were often disappointing.

From the abundant of graffiti on the walls of the Art Gallery of Luxun Art Academy, I guessed that it had not been operating for a long time. The graffiti are not interesting. However, a group of insolent young people in front of them were intriguing. They were making some strange fighting poses and one of them was busying shooting videos of themselves and the graffiti.

That turned out to be the only art experience of this visit to my home city, which has never been known as art mecca anyway.








Note: Lu Xun (September 25, 1881 – October 19, 1936) is one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century and had introduced Käthe Kollwitz into China.

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