Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Favorite Sculptural Artifacts in Sanxingdui, Guanghan, Deyang, Sichuan, China

The breathtaking artifacts in the archaeology site Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mound) in Sichuan Province, China, astonished people with their exotic to the point of bizarre beauty.

For example, this pair of gold-masked busts though had all the prerequisite facial features, but the shape and proportions of those were so strange, that these busts were hardly human, at least not earthly human.  However bizarre they looked, they were absolutely to behold. The green patina of the bronze harmonized magically with the pale gold, which shone without being unnecessarily brilliant.

Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mound), China _4124 - 500

Gold and Bronze, Sanxingdui, Sichuan, China _4145

Another strange statue was a giant with the similar otherworldly facial feature.  The torso and arms were highly abstracted, resembled that of an advertising AirDancer in front of a shop, though it was obvious that this giant was an inflexible one.  His embracing arms and his screw nut hands, must have held a something long and thick, perhaps a holy staff or a scepter. 

Bronze, Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mound), Sichuan, China _ 2007_05_17_IMG_4116_mod

Bronze, Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mound), Sichuan, China _4127_mod

Bronze, Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mound), Sichuan, China _ 2007_05_17_IMG_4136_mod

The origin and the meaning of these mindbogglingly strange artifacts are a great riddle still to be solved.

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